July 10, 2008

I guess no one told Dennis

So Dennis Kuccinich (D, Mars) has brought back articles of impeachment against President Bush for deciving congress. I guess no one told ole Denny here about how we just finished removing the last of Saddam's URANIUM from Iraq. Yeah, Saddam had noooo weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear material, no prohibited missles, no terrorist training bases, etc. Geez. Tell it to the Kurds.

It'd be nice that instead of wasting tax payer dollars about issues that have already been settled, you would actually do something about our economic woes. But given his wife's british hottness, you can't really blame him if his brain isn't the organ getting the most blood flow.

The guy is gonna be outta office in six months Denny! You still sore you lost in 2000? LET IT GO. You're gonna win this year (although with congress' approval at 9% that's gonna be interesting). You wanna do a tit-for-tat for Bill Clinton? He's not worth it. Criminalizing politics is like throwing a pass in football. You might get one good thing to happen, but there are more bad things that can happen instead, fumble, interception, etc.

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