December 15, 2009

Ahh new car searches

Heh, it seems like just a little while ago we were looking for a new car. And you know what, we were. But now my T-Bird has finally given up the ghost. It sprung a coolant leak that got into the engine block, and well it went down-hill from there. We tried to clean it up, and put in new sparks, but it's not running right.
So instead of pouring money into a 12 year old car, we're looking for a new one. There's alot of cars with 0% financing out there, but they don't get the mileage the Jetta gets. Personally I don't mind. This car would be the back-up/vacation trip car, so I'm more inclined for comfort and performance rather than economy. Especially if its gonna replace the T-bird. It wasn't the most efficient car, but it was comfortable. Right now we're looking at the Taurus, the Malibu, the Passat and the Passat CC

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