April 01, 2008

Battlestar Galactica's Final Season

Well after almost a year we finally get the series finale of BSG. And honestly I hope its good. Edward James Olmos was quoted over at Sci-Fi as saying he almost hopes they all get killed at the end. Well that might be a shocking ending, but I think it'd also be a depressing one. The whole show has been running on this idea of hope, and to end it as a kind of Ragnarok would be I think a betrayal.

I hope the colonists do find Earth. But I hope its not the our Earth that the original BSG found in 1980. I want it to be an advanced society Earth. And not one where man and machine live in harmony because of the machines' munifecence. Or some other rejection of western values. I want it to be an advanced society based on man's values. Maybe along the lines of Gene Rodenberry's original Star Trek. Where everyone adopted an idealized American outlook. But it'll probably be along the lines of the machines being wiser than their creators and saving us from ourselves.  

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