March 03, 2011

CoD Black Ops Bug Central

I was a late comer to the Call of Duty Franchise. I preferred more "realistic" FPSs like Armed Assault and going way back to the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. But I played Modern War 2 and had a blast. So I looked forward to Black Ops. I hoped to get at least the MW2 level of fun.
It starts off with a great story, You're a captured CIA agent being interrogated for information on past missions, but the interrogations are so intense, you flashback, and that's where the gameplay starts.
Gameplay is good, I played on max hardness, and my 3 biggest gripes were endless respawning enemies, bugs, and historically inaccurate weapons. I got really annoyed that the M16A1s they showed in the game were modeled with 20 round mags, but in the game you had 30 rounds available. Plus all the optics, and accessories all the guns used weren't developed until well after the period portrayed in the game. But what really detracted from the game was the bugs in the cut-scenes that would crash out the game losing your progress. It got so bad that by the 2nd to last "mission" I had to run it in window mode to avoid the crash. It was really a problem considering the polish of MW2, and has me really hesitating about buying future CoD titles.
The story was actually much better the MW2, where some sort of conspiracy between Russian and American generals leads to WW3. Black Ops has no pointless moral ambiguity. The bad guys are commies and their pet nazi scientists, and the heroes are the guys trying to stop them.
Hopefully they'll patch the game and make it more playable. For now I'm playing Medal of Honor and the single player MW2 missions.

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