February 18, 2016

Marvel on Netflix

So, being a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe, I decided to watch Netflix's Marvel series Daredevil and Jessica Jones. They're a mixed bag to say the least. I'll continue below to avoid the spoiler issue Ok, both series have one main bad guy for the entire run. Which is cool as it allows for character development, but it also sucks, because the pacing can be very slow. Jessica Jones really suffered from this. 

Of the two I liked the Daredevil series more, as I knew more about the character from my comic-reading childhood. I was a Punisher fan, and thought it interesting how the guy with no powers had to deal with all these super-powered weirdos. 
Anyway, the fight scenes in Daredevil are brutal. Daredevil gets his ass handed to him a couple of times. While it takes a long time to get rolling, the finale is worth it. 
Jessica Jones was anti-climatic to say the least. It seems like they're leaving her origin story for season 2's major story arc. Ok. What bugged me was that there was so much time spent on nothing characters moaning about how miserable the bad guy made them. 
The other thing that bugged me is this is happening in the aftermath of the Avengers movie and people still don't believe in super-powered beings and aliens. It was a little off. 
I'm looking forward to Daredevil season 2, as the Punisher is going to be in it. Rumor is there will now be a Punisher series as well. That'll be tough because everyone will be after him. 

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