April 01, 2008

McCain would bypass the UN?

Joseph Loconte's article at the Weekly Standard is an interesting read on a possible McCain foreign policy. He wants to create a League of Democracies to pick up the slack where the UN drops the ball. Its a nice idea, but I think it'd be better if we scrap the UN altogether. We pour tons of money into it, but can't get basic accounting transparency from it. Plus most of the time its acting against our interests. Look how cash flush dictatorships run the "Human Rights Commission". And how often the UN plays Nero's fiddle while human tragedies occur around the world, and especially in Africa.

So we bypass the UN, and go to Nato, but even that's flawed because half of Europe eschews confrontation of any sort, and the other half doesn't have a military prescence to speak of.

Personally I'd like to see a tighter union between like minded democracies who share values and culture. Like the US & Australia. Maybe even Japan, South Korea, & even the Philippines.  

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