January 03, 2016

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Finally! After almost a decade, a new Star Wars movie! And it was actually fun. However, thanks to Mr. Plinkett's reviews, we've become very critical of anything Star Wars. And the Force Awakens does have some rough spots. First, Kylo Ren. For me this was the most grating flaw of the movie. I'm sorry, but Adam Driver is not a menacing presence. I know he served as a Marine, but he looks like a refugee from Harry Potter, not a Sith successor. Second, there's no way he looks like the offspring of either Han or Leia, or a grandson of Anakin Skywalker. Its a minor thing, but I'm married to a geneticist. It grates. Third, he acts like a spoiled child throwing tantrums, not an evil enforcer, or mastermind. Darth Vader in the originals, was evil because his actions were very precise, very controlled, and well thought out in advance. Vader's ruthlessness was calculated. Look at what he did to find Yavin, to trap Luke, to trap the Rebels at Endor. In contrast, Kylo Ren is a whining, tantrum throwing narcissist. He's sloppy, doesn't complete his mission, and doesn't even have the guts to straight up kill his father. Vader had no problem force choking his wife when he felt she betrayed him. Oddly, Kylo Ren is an indictment of those millennial narcissists who are more concerned with having "safe zones" and never being challenged than actually confronting the reality beyond their smart phones. 

Second. (oh yeah, there's more to the movie) The whole constant homage to the original trilogy. Whether its the Millennium Falcon saving the refugees with the critical data, or the trench run on StarKiller base. It was too much. In some ways it was fun, but at times it felt like we were being hit over the head with "Its a STAR WARS MOVIE, GUYS!!!!" How many times are the bad guys going to keep building Death Stars? Oh, and that's another thing. There was no emotional impact when they blew up half the Republic. Allegedly there were some deleted scenes with minor characters being sent by Leia to those worlds, but it just didn't resonate, unlike when Tarkin blew up Alderaan. 
Third, I just couldn't see Han and Leia breaking up over Kylo Ren going bad. I couldn't see Ben Solo being allowed to grow up as a spoiled brat with those two parents. Again, it doesn't compute. I can see circumstances where Ben Solo could turn evil, but the level of immaturity is ridiculous. 
Fourth, the whole Poe Dameron magically appearing at the rebel base after the crash on Jakku. That was just a really weird oversight. And a little jarring for the film. 
Other than those major issues, the film is fun, and worth the price of a ticket. Although I'll probably wait until all the films are released to buy my copy. 

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